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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital: Analysis for Improvement

Jordan Mobley
Patton-Fuller Community Hospital: Analysis for Improvement
The Patton-Fuller Community Hospital can implement entire offices of the hospital in a suitable of, which systems are beneficial in keeping personal within the loop. The hospital position to consolidate several divisions in applying ERP, CRM and KM. The ERP system exploits different administration divisions altogether managing data functioning with administration at supreme levels.
The ERP system commonly uses the enterprise system (ES) on large-scale application software that supports business processes, data flows, and data analytics. The hospital abuses an assortment of networking methodologies in promoting different divisions within the company.
Separate divisions incorporate their own requirements within the network to negotiate different functions. A balanced comprehension in combining different divisions, while also utilizing software applications within the department. An example of this, Radiology division the essentially utilizing variety electronic devices taking X-rays and processing the film. Expediting these conditions to doctors or medical staff data information is detrimental to the patient’s treatment. Daily functions in the transmission of data information to various departments is delayed. Radiology and Pharmacy departments rely on the capability ERP in providing an urgency in saving lives, while also maintaining data information between different divisions. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Information Technology (IT) department employ’s variety of IBM systems in providing support their operating systems. The compatibility of these segments within the system is different that utilizes these requirements within the hospital. A secondary system XEON duel-core is administered in the IT division for…...

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