Analysis of Diversity Among Cytoplasmic Male Sterile Sources and Their Utilization in Developing F1 Hybrids in Pearl Millet [Pennisetum Glaucum (R.) Br]

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Indian J. Genet., 69(4) (Spl. issue): 352-360 (2009)

Analysis of diversity among cytoplasmic male sterile sources and their utilization in developing F1 hybrids in Pearl millet [Pennisetum glaucum (R.) Br]
C. Tara Satyavathi*, Sakkira Begum, B. B. Singh, K. V. Unnikrishnan and C. Bharadwaj

Division of Genetics, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi 110 012

Abstract The present study aims at analysis of diversity among parental lines of different cytoplasmic sources and their utilization in developing F1 hybrids. Seven male sterile cytoplasmic lines belonging to A1 – 3; A4 – 2 and A5 – 2 were crossed with three elite restorers. The cluster analysis done with molecular data obtained from genomic DNA using SSR markers grouped the parental lines belonging to A1 cytoplasm into one cluster, A4 into one and A5 into the other. The assessment of the performance of the F1 hybrids was done through standard heterosis, heterobeltiosis and economic heterosis. The study clearly indicated that all the seven cytoplasmic male sterile lines coming from different cytoplasmic sources are capable of producing new superior hybrids. Physiological characters like chlorophyll, relative carotenoids and root length density have also been studied to assess the performance of parents and F1 hybrids. Higher economic heterosis was observed for yield in A 1 cytoplasm compared to A4 and A5 cytoplasms. Desirable effects of earliness and maturity can be obtained using A4 cytoplasm while desirable heterosis could be obtained for plant height, spike girth, number of nodes, chlorophyll content, relative carotenoids and 1000 grain weight from A5 cytoplasm.

an area of 9.33 m ha with a production of 8.15 m t and productivity of 882 kg/ha (2005-07). Pearl millet is a highly cross-pollinated crop. It exhibits tremendous amount of diversity at both phenotypic and genotypic levels [1].…...

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