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Animal Experimentation Experimentation done on animals is considered unethical, for some people at least. Not only do animals suffer while being experimented on, they often at times undergo vivisection. Vivisection, in the strictest sense, is the partial or complete dissection of live animals for research purposes (Monamy 6). If humans consider it wrong to inflict pain unnecessarily to other humans, then it should also be unnecessary to inflict pain onto animals. Animals breathe, eat, drink, excreta, reproduce, and can feel pain just as humans can. All animals (including human beings) must be treated identically, for each species has capacities and needs that are peculiar to it and deserve to be taken into account (Fox 64). Animals have sentient just as humans do. A sentient animal not only has an awareness of its surroundings but is capable of experiencing pain (Monamy 6). A quantum extension of ethics was proposed when Peter Singer asserted in Animal Liberation (1975) that moral consideration must transcend the species boundary to include all sentient animals (Monamy 40). Because animals experience pain just as humans do, a law should be passed where experiments on animals should be interdicted. While it has been proven that experiments on animals has benefited humans in many ways, enough evidence should have been gathered from those experiments where animals are no longer needed. Cats, dogs, sheep, lambs, pigs, mice, and monkeys are just a few of the animals that are being used in laboratories. Experimenting on dogs has found enzymes that dissolve clots in arteries. While experimenting on monkeys and chimpanzees, researchers found a way to immunize children without using painful needles, therefore saving thousands of lives and sparring even more children from having paralyzed limbs for life. Burned victims survived, “because the…...

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...Taylor Petty 12/2/2015 English 099 Mr. Adamoschek Is it cruel to use Animals to Test Human products? Approximately 225 million animals are used for testing every year. Billions have been killed in the process. ("Questions and Answers About Biomedical Research.”) How can this be allowed? Isn’t it cruel to use animals to test products for humans? Many animal rights activists say, “yes” to this question. However, scientists argue it is necessary and animal research can help save human lives. There are probable arguments for both sides. But the dangers of using animals to test products for human use weighs an even greater risk than not using the animals. Alternatives are much more ethical.          Over the years, scientists have used animals to test the toxicity of products being produced for humans. Their argument is clear: that animals can be helpful in aiding to provide advances in human health and new drug findings. Animal testing has helped find some medicines to fight cancer, as well as other medicines now used, for example: Insulin, antibiotics and HIV drugs. It is this very reason that scientists and others support the testing of animals. In fact, there are even some people that will support the use of medical research on animals but they do not support the use of animals for cosmetics to be tested on. Another aspect they tend to want people to take into consideration is that animal testing helps ensure the safety of drugs being used as well as other substances......

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Experimentation - Free Term Papers, Essays and Research Documents The Research Paper Factory Join Search Browse Saved Papers Search Experimentaion In: Experimentaion Experimentation Critique An article in the Teaching of Psychology Journal illustrates how a group of undergraduates used a Web-Based Self and Peer Assessments Systems in evaluating proposals for experimental psychology. An interest to teachers is grasping at students for involvement in experiments, and for students gain an opportunity to applying their skills to assess their observations empirically. Researchers observe the participants over a quantitative research, considering various styles, and techniques for data collecting. This study was an observation. Results will determine that the students build an improved understanding between the proposals created before the experiment and after the assessment to establish quality work. The study is an experimental research, in which “intervention by the researcher beyond that is required for measurements to determine the effect on another variable” (Cooper & Schindler, 2006, p. 709). The researchers placed the participants into teams, and the teams picked a topic taught in class, and create a proposal. In this paper, the attention is on the method, independent and dependent variable, observation techniques, and the sampling plan. Method Chang, Lee, Lin, and Sung, from the national Taiwan Normal University conducted this study. The study......

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