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3. To calculate the total cost of operating these devices for one week, first you have to find the power rating in watts of your devices. After you find the power rating in kilowatt hour. To find this you divide the power rating in watts by 1000. After you find how much time you use this device and find the total of minutes and then you convert minutes to hours (divide by 60) Lastly you find the cost per kWh. The equation to find the cost per kWh is power x time x rate. You will record this for 5 days and then add all the cost per kWh and this is how you find the total cost for a week. To find the total cost of operating these devices for a year, you take the total cost of one week for each device and multiply that by 52 because there are 52 weeks in a year. (2016)
4. Referring to my own energy audit information, these are the ways I can reduce my families hydro/electricity bill. First of all, when I'm using the hair dryer, I should only blow dry my hair for less amount of time because I can leave the rest of my hair to air dry and this might reduce the cost because I am using less energy. The next way I can reduce energy is when I leave my room, I should turn off my room lights. I usually have a habit of leaving the lights on as I go from room to room. The last way I can reduce my families electricity bill is at night I should unplug my phone from my charger. Phones only take about one to two hours to charge but sometimes I forget to unplug it and it ends up charging all night.



75 Watts

Curling iron

90 Watts


100 Watts


110 Watts


325 Watts


500 Watts


600 Watts

Coffee Maker

900 Watts


1,100 Watts


3,000 Watts…...

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...the message in the story. The waiting room can be a symbol of purgatory for some. “The doctor’s waiting room, which was very small was almost full when the Turpins entered and Mrs.Turpin, who was very large in her presence” (revelation 191) If O’connor would not have put in the story wouldn’t have as much meaning “it takes every word in the story to say what the meaning is.” (O’Connor 334) This critic being O’connor herself, implies it takes everything necessary to establish the meaning in the story. Without the waiting room Mrs.Turpin revelation would not have been a reality. The key to the waiting room is when Mary Grace throws the book at Mrs.Turpin, another example of symbolism. “The book struck her directly over her left eye.”(206) It is with this act that helps Mrs. Turpin achieve her revelation. The throwing of the book is seen as symbolism because that violent act opens the eyes of Mrs.Turpin. “the short story requires more drastic procedures then the novel because more has to be accomplished in less space.”(333) This critic feels this act of symbolism must be drastic enough because it will be the only thing capable of showing the error of her ways. It was essential that the book was thrown, Mrs.Turnpin being how full of herself as she was, because the violence was the only way it would be the only way to get her revelation. What Mrs.Turpin dialogue is key, without her smug talk there would be no story. She degrades many people in the story, and she......

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...reach out and bless them with another chance. These are the cases where the involved can live through a religious experience and have the opportunity to save what they’ve previously ruined. Gerard is a handsome man from New York, who is approximately 40 years old. The turning point in the story is when Gerard meets Laurel coincidently after he sees her through a shop window. Gerard and Laurel are former partners, but the relationship ended when Gerard had to proclaim that he had made another woman pregnant while they were still dating. Gerard has Lucy with Issy, and after Issy moves to Los Angeles to fulfill her dreams about being a Hollywood actress, Gerard takes the responsibility of raising Lucy on his own. Four years after Issy went to Los Angeles she was found dead in a pool, possibly after a suicide as she had taken her time to write Gerard’s name as her next of kin. Gerard lives what could be conceived as a boring and regrettable life, with the exception of his daughter; Lucy. Lucy is Gerard’s light of the day. “Gerard feels a stabbing love for his daughter” [l.18], “She’s wonderful, just wonderful” [l.78], “I love you” [l.165]; in this short story we’re constantly reminded of Gerard’s endless love for his daughter, and it is clear that she is the light of his seemingly else uninteresting life. We, as readers, are never told which profession Gerard is in, nothing about his parents or childhood so none of it must important or interesting. Another reason that one can......

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...common celebrations will have to be shared with her new family. Its a new beginning, a beginning that I wished never begun. But it is a new beginning nevertheless, a beginning of new traditions. In the meantime, someone sent me a beautiful and haunting poem. Enjoy. Another Christmas, Another year ending; A year of pain and loss and bewilderment, Of beauty and fear, With a little love to make us go on struggling, A little joy to make it worth the struggle. Another Christmas, Another dream over. Do we dare to remember last year And the years before? So much is gone, so many memories, How can we stop what remains from becoming a shadow? Another Christmas, Another pause in the fighting. Can the pain that we give to others And the pain that we cause for ourselves Really be laid to rest by a Christmas card Or a sprig of mistletoe? Are we not as afraid of dying on Christmas Day? Another Christmas, Another pause for reflection: The morning I walked out alone in the cold golden sunlight, The evening I loved as was loved amid laughter and music, The afternoon of firelight and peace with my dream-shapes about me. Another Christmas, Another year beginning. Perhaps this year will see the end of us, Perhaps an indifferent stab will finally sever the tightrope on which we struggle. Do we dare to hope for a new beginning, A new trust, a new wisdom, a new love? (excerpts of a poem by Alison......

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