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Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

Birth: Antonio Vivaldi had been born on March the 4th, 1678. He was baptized immediately after birth

Early Adult Years: Antonio Vivaldi was made a priest in 1703. But, according to him, a year later after becoming a priest, he no longer wanted to celebrate Mass due to complaints like “tightness of chest”. This may have been genuine or fake. It may have been genuine, in which case, the illness was probably asthma. It may have been faked due to his greater love of music, so he could spend more time writing it and jotting ideas down instead of celebrating mass. Anyways, Antonio Vivaldi became a clergyman against his own will. He probably became one in the first place because in his days, that was usually the only way a poor family (in Vivaldi’s case, his family and himself) could get free education. He did remain a priest though, even if he did not do all the Mass because of his poor health and asthma.

Antonio Vivaldi wrote many great and fantastic musical pieces that earned him a great reputation as a musician, such as Opus 3 and the Four Seasons. But he also wrote lots more small pieces, rather like 5 finger exercises and warm-ups for a beginner, amateur, or student. And this is what they were. Vivaldi worked for the Ospedale Della Pieta for most of the time. An Ospedale is normally termed an orphanage. But this Ospedale was a little different. It was a home for the female children of noblemen, rich men, merchants, wealthy men, etc. and their numerous relationships with their mistresses. The Ospedale was therefore well paid for by the “anonymous/unknown” fathers. The furnishings were very good; the young ladies were well taken care of. And, the musical standards in there were among the highest in all of Venice. Loads of Vivaldi’s concerti stuff was exercises he played with his talented and gifted pupils. However, his relationship with…...

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