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Existing scenario with customers(Gluco-one) | | | | | Organized confectionery(NCC) | Unorganized Confectionery (ABC) | MNC Pharma 1 | MNC pharma 2 | Unorganized but branded producer:-Anand sweets | Unorganized unbranded producer Eg:-Ok Confectioneries | Regular supply (Every 6days delivery) | Delivery crucial | Delivery crucial | Delivery crucial | Delivery crucial | Delivery crucial | Not sensitive to price | Price sensitive | Price sensitive but negotiable | Price sensitive but negotiable | Not price sensitive | Price sensitive | Rigid quality testing | Not so rigid quality testing | Highly rigid quality specifications | Rigid quality specifications | | | Competition from 4 players | Competition from other players | * | * | 2-3 suppliers | 2-3 suppliers | Preference to A-one | Can opt for any supplier | No confidence in A-one | Preference to A-one given it proves its quality | | | 450 supply by A-one | | | | | | Whole demand is 3000 | | whole demand is 500 tonnes per year | | Whole demand is 6500 tonnes/year | | Quality conscious | Quality conscious | Quality conscious | Quality conscious | Quality conscious | Not quality conscious | Constant composition of glucose in products | No constant composition | Constant Composition | Constant composition | Constant composition | No Constant composition | | Complaints of above company:- | Complaints of above company:- | Complaints of above company:- | | | General concerns of company | Bad drums(containers) | Faulted on delivery | Hazy liquid glucose | Advantage | constraints related to liquid glucose | Too much expenditure in sales administration | Summer leakage | Quality problems | | Packing and transportation contributed to revenue | High competition | High price to customers | No proper communication | Need MS drums not plastic drums | | | Regional…...

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