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External house designer
My dragons den plan is to help people with the external design of there house and garden I will offer a hole new verity of designs and styles to choose from along with fully custom designs if you choose this option

There will be a verity of different packages to choose from
Package 1-house painted
Package 2-house painted and garden improved
Package 3-features added to your house and garden redesigned
Package 4-features added to your house and the garden is completely changed
Package 5-house exterior completely redesigned and garden completely changed with added features like a clock gnomes ect

Packages explained in detail:
Package 1-package one is a budget house paint package which offers the cheaper version but still staying with the same high quality of work which we pride our self’s in at external

Package 2-this is the more detailed house package which would contain a much better house paint package with a bigger range of colour and quality of the paint this would also be a full garden refurbishment although the layout would not be changed nut fresh grass and paving stones will be offered at an extra cost along with additional features if wanted (water feature, pond only small though)

Package 3-package 3 is the first of our optimum meaning the more high quality designs and materials packages which are more expensive but more versatile, the hole outside of your house will be redesigned and customised exactly to your specification and features added to the out to the outside of your house e.g,clock ect .The garden will be redesign and some small features will be added a pond will be put in unless specifically stated not to, the grass will be fake so it is not ruined when it rains it will stay in good shape the grass will be changed every 2 months before it should start to fade in colour so it will be kept…...

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