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The Apache Software Foundation
Celebrating a Decade of Open Source Leadership.

The Apache Software Foundation provides support for the Apache community of open-source software projects. The Apache projects are characterized by a collaborative, consensus based development process, an open and pragmatic software license, and a desire to create high quality software that leads the way in its field.
We consider ourselves not simply a group of projects sharing a server, but rather a community of developers and users.

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If you would like to keep up with news and announcements from the foundation and all its projects, you can subscribe to the Apache Announcements List or you can subscribe to our foundation blog. Latest blog entries:

The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache SpamAssassin Version 3.3.0

Leading Open Source Email Filtering Package Offers First Major Code Release Since 2007
FOREST HILL, MD – 26 January, 2010 – The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) today announced the release of Apache SpamAssassin 3.3.0, the first major code release from the Apache SpamAssassin Project since May 2007. Apache SpamAssassin v3.3.0 marks the Project's 4th major (and 24th overall release) since the SpamAssassin Project joined the ASF in December 2003.
Apache SpamAssassin is an award winning, mature, wide-spectrum, extensible email filtering package deployed by hundreds of thousands of organizations world-wide.
"Apache SpamAssassin is the leading Open Source email spam filtering software package that is in use by national, regional and local ISPs, email service providers, Fortune Global 500 companies, small to enterprise businesses, all levels of the education sector,…...

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...The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is a reputable open source foundation that has a history of developing and maintaining many open source products, including the Apache Web Server. In April 2010, the ASF discovered that their server hosting issue-tracking software was “hacked.” You can read a report on the incident on the following Web link or obtain a PDF of the article from your instructor: http://blogs.apache.org/infra/entry/apache_org_04_09_2010 This report documents how a vulnerability was exploited, which solutions worked, which didn't work, and the measures planned by the Apache Infrastructure Team to mitigate future risks. Security is a layered process. Although the hackers took advantage of a vulnerable third-party Web application to gain root access to ASF’s Linux infrastructure, you need to focus on the layers of security that worked and failed on the Linux infrastructure, and how this vulnerability could have been avoided with a more secure Linux server. Discuss how the hackers took advantage of the JIRA daemon. What role did pluggable authentication modules (PAM) play in this process? What are the security measures that you would recommend to mitigate such risks in the future? Participate in this discussion by engaging in a meaningful debate regarding the role of the JIRA daemon and PAM in the system breach and suggest security measures. You must defend your choices with a valid rationale. At the end of the discussion, write a summary of......

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...The solution is to use a HUB or a TAP to plug the WinIDS into. Install the Apache Web Server Navigate to the 'd:\temp' folder, double left-click on the 'httpd-x.x.x-win32-x86-no_ssl...' file to start the installer, left-click 'Next', left-click the 'I accept...' radio button, left-click 'Next', left-click 'Next' In this dialog 'Server Information' window, all three dialog boxes may need to be answered, and it is important that all three dialog boxes are completed correctly. The information may already be correct, and #3 may be omitted if there is no access to a SMTP server. 1. 'Network Domain': Here, enter your domain information. 2. 'Server Name': Here, enter the hostname of your server. 3. 'Administrator Email': Here, enter an Emil address for the System Administrator Left-click 'Next', left-click and select the 'Custom' radio button, left-click 'Next', left-click 'Change' in the 'Folder name:' dialog box type d:\winids\apache left-click 'OK', just below the 'Install to:' it should read d:\winids\apache\ , left-click 'Next', left-click 'Install', and finally left-click 'Finish'. After installing Apache there will be an Apache status applet in the System Tray. In the System Tray right-click the Apache Status indicator, highlight and left-click 'Open Apache Monitor', left-click 'Stop', let the Apache server stop, and finally click 'OK'. Navigate to the 'd:\winids\apache\conf' folder. right-click on the 'httpd.conf' file and open with WordPad. ......

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