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4.5.3 Test (TS): The Cold War Begins
U.S. History Core Sem 2 (S2503614)
Points possible: 60

Name: ____________________
Date: ____________

The Big Question: How did the Cold War inform American politics and expectations of behavior?

Section 1: Short Answer (30 points)
Write multi-sentence responses for the prompts below. Be specific and give examples from the history we have learned. A. The United States found itself competing with the Soviet Union in the Cold War after 1946. Write ONE paragraph and tell how the tensions started and where in the world this boiled over into confrontation and fighting. (8 points)

B. The speech below reveals some of the postwar politics of the United States. Write a brief commentary
(3-5 sentences) in which you identify the speaker and what his agenda was. What did it mean for the early
1950s in America? (10 points)

The reason why we find ourselves in a position of impotency is not because our only powerful potential enemy has sent men to invade our shores . . . but rather because of the traitorous actions of those who have been treated so well by this Nation. It has not been the less fortunate, or members of minority groups who have been traitorous to this Nation, but rather those who have had all the benefits that the wealthiest Nation on earth has had to offer . . . the finest homes, the finest college education and the finest jobs in government we can give.
This is glaringly true in the State Department. There the bright young men who are born with silver spoons in their mouths are the

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ones who have been most traitorous. . . .
I have here in my hand a list of 205 . . . a list of names that were made known to the Secretary…...

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