Apple’s Marketing Strategy

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Let’s Find Out the Apple’s Marketing Strategy
Posted: September 22, 2011 by black1396 in Marketing Strategies
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Apple’s brand is very popular and nowadays many people are using Apple’s products like iPhone, iPod, and iPad. I just curios how Apple can attract customers, make them aware about the brand and products, make them proud to have Apple’s products and become successful. Let’s find out their marketing strategy.
The successful moment was happening on 2007, iPhone the Apple’s smartphone has sold out only one month which was launched on July. Probably all customers still remember when Apple came into the market several years ago. This company just provided small MP3 player which was iPod Nano. Apple is successful did brand extension from iPod to iPhone. This mean “Apple has shown brand and marketing management expertise with the iPod and the iPhone which is kind of brand extension from Nano to iPhone (Marketing Today)”.
Brand loyalty for iPod is complex connected to many factors such as product design, user interface, software, and locked by iTunes as the music and entertainment platform. iPod is much expensive than other MP3 brand but why many people want to purchase it. According to Marketing Today, “part of managing the brand is managing pricing, and Apple has always smartly exercised strong control over its retail pricing that most marketers should look at with envy”. Furthermore, according to McNealy (2010), Apple is using key marketing concept which is called Insight. Insight is deep understanding about people as the individual, so personal. And insight is not usually about product but iPod Insight is customers’ music. iPod uses iTunes as the platform to download the music that customers needs. Therefore, customers not really matter to purchase the…...

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