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Apple's IPhone Launch

On January 2007 Steve Jobs announced 5 months ahead that Apple would introduce its first smart phone: the IPhone. As soon as Steve Jobs announced it the market media generated by the news at the Macworld convention was able to make Wall Street and Apple fans all over the world very happy. On June 29 the most expected phone on the planet was on the market and it was a complete success. I have to say that almost everyone on the planet heard about the IPhone and that media build up by the launch of the IPhone was never seen before at any new product launched by Apple. It was a complete success for Apple and a few months later Appleā€™s share had double its value making investors very happy about the new product. By January of 2008 over 4 million units of the IPhone had already being sold. AT&T is the official carrier of the IPhone in the US and I have to say that the IPhone was one of the biggest help that AT&T ever had. AT&T was not doing well financially and the IPhone was able to give the company a financial push. The development of the IPhone was done in secrecy and only 3 employees from the AT&T saw the phone before it was launch.


Apple set the IPhone apart from competition by creating a smart phone design that let people surf the web and also listen to music the same way that was possible with the IPod music player. The design of the IPhone was very similar to the IPod and the same applet would work on both devices making it an automatic hit. Apple was able at one shot to enter the phone market and set the company apart from the competitors while most companies were trying to catch up with the IPod. The IPhone was aimed at the high end consumer that would be a business user that was in need of a better phone. I would say that the phone become so popular that people of all age love the new device.…...

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