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1. In which three areas does AppScan test for vulnerabilities? A. the network layer, the web application, the web server B. the operating system, the web application platform, the database C. the web application, the web server, the web application platform D. the web application platform, the network layer, the web server Answer: C

2. After 30 minutes your scan stops with an out-of-session error. What is a possible cause of this error? A. Redundant path limit was too low. B. A parameter was not tracked. C. Flash parsing was turned off. D. Platform authentication was not configured. Answer: B

3. How does an attacker exploit Web application vulnerabilities? A. by hacking the firewall B. by installing viruses on a users machine C. by sending malicious HTTP requests D. by sniffing the traffic between a user and the Web server Answer: C

4. What does a Cross-site Scripting vulnerability allow an attacker to do? A. execute a malicious script on the Web server B. change the Web server configuration C. steal a users session tokens D. drop database tables Answer: C

5. Which type of vulnerability allows an attacker to browse files that shouldnt be accessible (e.g. *.bak,

The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.

"Copy of", *.inc, etc.) or pages restricted for users with higher privileges? A. Insecure Cryptographic Storage B. Injection Flaw C. Failure to Restrict URL Access D. Insecure Communication Answer: C


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