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Chapter 1
What is Art?
In both the sciences and the arts we strive to weave our experiences into coherent bodies of knowledge and to communicate them.
• enhances daily experiences.
• is linked to quality of life.
• touches everyone.
• is all around us.
The Meaning of the Word Art…
• Ability - The human capacity to make things of beauty and things that stir us. • Process - The different forms of art such as drawing, painting, sculpting, architecture, and photography. • Product - The completed work Whatever the definition, it is important to know the vocabulary of art in order to understand it.

Some “Truths” About Art 1. There is no agreed-upon definition of art. 2. Art does not necessarily have to be beautiful. 3. Art can be created for any number of reasons.

The Philosophies About Art:
Many philosophers have argued that art serves no function, that it exists for its own sake.
Some have asserted that the essence of art transcends the human occupation with usefulness.
Others have held that in trying to analyze art too closely, one loses sight of its beauty and wonderment.
Understanding and appreciating art…
The questions to ask…
• “Why was this created?”
• “What is its purpose?”
What Are the Purposes of Art?
• Art adds beauty to our lives by looking to nature
• Art depicts both Western & Non-Western concepts of beauty

“A Closer Look”
A Portrait in the Flesh

Sometimes artists try to improve on nature – thereby creating an alternative standard

Used to create pleasing environments.
Used as Decoration.
Used to transport to another place.

Truth in art is subjective.
True to nature?
True to human experience?
True to materials?

Art can be used to
• Replicate nature
• Show reality
• Express an artist’s own experiences.

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