Art of Small Talk

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t he fine art of small talk
How to Start a Conversation, Keep
It Going, Build Networking Skills— and Leave a Positive Impression!

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To Jared Fine Holst and Sarah Fine Holst, my inspiration and motivation. And the gentle wind beneath my wings, Steve Tilliss.

C ontents



chapter 1
What’s the Big Deal About Small Talk?


chapter 2
Get Over Your Mom’s Good Intentions


chapter 3
Take the Plunge: Start a Conversation!


chapter 4
Keep the Conversation Going!


chapter 5
Let’s Give ’Em Something to Talk About


chapter 6
Hearing Aids and Listening Devices


viii . contents c hapter 7
Prevent Pregnant Pauses with Preparation


chapter 8
Conversational Clout


chapter 9
Crimes and Misdemeanors


chapter 10
The Graceful Exit


chapter 11
The Conversational Ball Is in Your Court!


chapter 12
Make the Most of Networking Events!


chapter 13
Surviving the Singles Scene


chapter 14
Feel-Good Factor


chapter 15
Holiday Party Savvy


chapter 16
Carpe Diem






hen I first got into the business of helping people cultivate conversation skills, I ran into a lot of

skepticism. Invariably, executives would scoff at the idea of a housewife’s trivial initiative to overcome boredom.
Then I would get clandestine calls for assistance from folks with prestigious titles. People would construct elaborate covert operations to seek advice without actually asking for it, because they were embarrassed. I can appreciate that. In a previous life as a nerdy engineer, I was burdened with poor social skills and embarrassed by my own conversational ineptitude. Before I gave myself a remedial education in the Fine Art of Small Talk, I had been a poor communicator…...

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...3. Suppose the mayor of Evansville commissions proposals for a fully funded study of “sustainable development in Evansville” to help inform future decisions. As a sociology of the environment scholar, you decide to throw your hat into the ring. Write such a proposal. Begin by reading and thinking about sustainable development. What does it mean? How could it be applied to the small scale of Evansville? How could it be operationalized so that it can be empirically studied? Identify the types of sectors such as industry, transportation, recreation, housing, education, retail, etc. that you would analyze. What specific information in each of these sectors would you gather? The outcome of the project will be a research proposal (an example of a research proposal will be available in the Sociology lab). Make certain that the proposal is grounded in sociological theory from this course, contains a literature review on sustainable development, operationalizes sustainable development into specific items that can be studied, and clearly identifies questions that need to be answered. Although normally a proposal would include a budget, you do not need to develop one for this project. 4. Conduct a photographic study of a sociology of the environment issue. Think of an issue for which it would make sense to conduct a visual analysis. Follow appropriate visual sociology methods (see the professor for relevant literature). Photographs, or some other visual format, should......

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