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University of Mississippi
The main University website. Visit here to find information about the university as a whole.
UM Department of Music
Visit here to find more information about the Department of Music at Ole Miss.

Ole Miss Bands
Learn about the band program here, including the Pride of the South Marching Band.
International Trombone Association
Founded in 1972, the ITA is "dedicated to the Artistic Advancement of Trombone Teaching, Performance, and Literature." With over 4,000 members, the organization welcomes trombonists of all ability levels, including professional performers and teachers as well as amateurs and enthusiasts. The ITA Journal is a quarterly publication mailed to all members (or it can be read online!), and contains both scholarly and popular articles, in addition to sheet music and recording reviews, recital programs, and more. The International Trombone Festival, an annual event sponsored by the ITA, brings together trombonists from all over the world for concerts, master classes, exhibits, and competitions.
International Tuba-Euphonium Association
Formerly known as the Tubists Universal Brotherhood Association (TUBA), the ITEA "is a worldwide organization of musicians whose purpose is to maintain a liason among those who take a significant interest in the instruments of the tuba and euphonium family - their development, literature, pedagogy, and performance." This site offers membership information, information on the International Tuba-Euphonium Conference, information about the ITEA Journal (which also can now be read online!), and a few announcements.
The Online Trombone Journal
The OTJ features articles, reviews, job and audition announcements, classified ads, and other resources useful to trombonists.

Phillip M. Hash
Calvin College
Grand Rapids, Michigan
This article reviews literature related to pullout…...

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