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Assignment 1 – Chapter 1

(a) intelligence – means to have the knowledge to learn and understand different situations.
(b) artificial intelligence – the ability of a computer or robot to act like a human and make decisions based on pre-defined rules.
(c) agent – is the entity that is doing the actions, it can interact with the environment, change it, and learn from it.
(d) rationality – is the ability of doing the right thing based on what it already knows or has learned from the environment.
(e) logical reasoning – is the process using arguments, statements, premises, and axioms to determine whether a statement is true or false.

- Yes, reflex actions such as flinching from a hot stove are rational because it is the right thing to do. We don’t think before we flinch from a hot stove because it suppose to be quick, thinking will defeat the purpose of flinching.
- No, I believe that reflex actions are not intelligent because you don’t have to put any thought into them, we do them automatically.

No, the program wouldn’t be more intelligent than a human because the artificial intelligence systems will avoid trying to solve problems. Humans don’t solve complete problems either, but they are good at solving a lot of structure using knowledge they have learned. Artificial intelligent systems attempt to do the same as humans. IQ test scores interact well with certain other measures only if they are measuring normal humans, it doesn’t measure anything. A program that is specialized only for IQ tests would likely perform poorly on measures of intelligence.

- Supermarket bar code scanners: I believe they are not intelligent that they are concerned with accomplishing a task. Bar code scanners read a bar code and find what item that bar code belongs to. Therefore, there is no decision making or learning involved. However, the…...

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