Artist Deconstruction

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Artist Deconstruction
Pablo Picasso was born on October 25th, 1881 in Malaga, Spain. Pablo is a famous painter who was influenced by symbolism and some say started the movement of cubism. When Pablo was young he showed a great potential in drawing. Pablo didn’t care for schoolwork and mostly wanted to draw all day long (Ghare, 2011). When he was 14 he applied to the School of Fine Arts which typically only takes older people, much older, then Picasso was (Ghare, 2011). However, his entrance exam was so extraordinary that the school felt it was important to make an exception (Ghare, 2011). Picasso moved to Paris where his adult career began to flourish. The paintings by Picasso are typically categorized into periods based on the mood and style of Picasso. The first is called the, The Blue Period, which happened from 1901-1904. It was called this because his paintings were mostly in blues and greens. The subjects of these paintings were prostitutes and beggars. The second period called The Rose Period was from 1905-1907 because he mostly used orange and pink. From 1907-1909, the African Period, he was inspired by African art and artifacts. Lastly, we have Cubism which occurred from 1909-1912 and used mostly monochrome brown colors (Ghare, 2011). With cubism, Picasso was able to re-create his subjects often breaking them apart and reconstructing within the painting (Ghare, 2011). Pablo was a sensational artist and changed the world of art with his paintings. He was married in 1961 and lived a long enjoyable life with his wife and two children. Pablo died at the age of 91 from a heart attack while entertaining friends; something he loved to do almost as much as draw (Ghare, 2011).
Pablo Picasso had many work of arts, I chose to deconstruct the painting Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (translated The Young Ladies of Avignon or as its original title The Brothel of…...

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