As I Lay Dying

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As I Lay Dying
Addie Bundren
The mother whose dying wish is to be buried in her family plot in Jefferson. Her death instigates the primary movement of the novel, that of transporting the body to Jefferson.
Anse Bundren
The father who uses the trip to Jefferson to get new teeth and a new wife.
Cash Bundren
The oldest of the Bundren children who makes the coffin outside of Addie’s window.
Darl Bundren
The most philosophical of the Bundren children and also the most conscious of the futility of the situation.
Jewel Bundren
The love child of Addie and Reverend Whitfield and the one who repeatedly saves his mother’s corpse.
Dewey Dell Bundren
She is the daughter of the Bundren's and is pregnant with Lafe’s child. The trip to Jefferson represents her chance to get an abortion.
Vardaman Bundren
The youngest of the Bundren children who has not yet progressed to the point where he can separate reality from metaphor.
Cora Tull
A neighbor whose narrative provides a religious commentary on the Bundren's.
Vernon Tull
Cora’s husband and friend of Anse.
The local doctor.
Another neighbor who lives near a bridge that the Bundren's intend to cross.
The minister and father of Jewel.
A farmer the Bundren's meet on their trip.
A pharmacist who will not help Dewey Dell.
A drugstore assistant who tricks Dewey Dell.

Dewey Dell:
Dewey Dell:

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