As People Rely More and More on Technology to Solve Problems, the Ability of Humans to Think for Themselves Will Surely Deteriorate.

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As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate.

The issue states that the thinking ability of humans will certainly deteriorate,as people rely more on technology for solving problems.
This can be seen with different aspects and perspectives.Relying totally on technology can be useful in one aspect that advancement in technology can enhance the intellectual property of individual.
On the other hand,if people refuse to try their ideas and problem solving mental exercises for being behaving as a parasite on technology,then situation can be worsened.

Both aspect can be visualized considering different theories and perspectives.Surviving as a parasite might be considered easier but for a longer run,it can be detrimental on behalf of an individual personality.
Technology is good if used by good hand.Just because everything has been made easy with advancement in technology doesn't mean, people will not learn how it can be used or how things can be done faster.
For example,if anybody is using printer for printing some article. It can be printed in seconds.Just because behind that there is a phenomenal thing called technology.But what is happening on individuals mind if he is thinking nothing about the process of printing through the printer.
These kind of different similar situations can create an adverse cumulative effect on person's mind.

Seeing on the brighter side,Technology nowadays,is proving itself to be skeletal in improving or shaving intellectual perspective of people or a society as a whole.
With advancement in technology,people are getting more and more self-confident and sharp with their attitudes and problem tackling ability.
Its increasing the thinking power of an individual rather than deteriorating.Everything is getting faster and more reliable.Smart move…...

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