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6162 Einthoven St., Palanan, Makati City
Contanct No. 5363995

Pasay – PIO (Pasay City Hall)
Date: June 30, 2012
RE: Newspaper Billing (June 1 – 30 2012)

Particular Amount
Inquirer (Mon-Fri) 2 40x18 = 720.00
Inquirer (Sat-/Holiday 1 6x18 = 108.00
Inquirer (Sunday) 1 4x20 = 80.00
Bulletin (Mon-Sat) 1 26x18 = 468.00
Bulletin (Sunday) 1 4x20 = 80.00
Star (Mon-Sun) 1 30x20 = 600.00
Mla. Standard (Mon-Sat) 1 26x18 = 468.00
Mla. Times (Mon-Sun) 1 30x18 = 540.00
Mla. Tribune (Mon-Sun) 1 30x18 = 540.00
Malaya (Mon-Fri) 1 21x25 = 525.00
Buss.World (Mon-Fri) 1 21x25 = 525.00
Buss.Mirror (Mon-Sun) 1 25x25 = 625.00

Assorted tabloids : 13 pcs/ day x30 = 390 = 3,900.00 Total P 9,179.00

Prepared by:
Abner Trinidad

6162 Einthoven St., Palanan, Makati City
Contanct No. 5363995

Date: June 30, 2012
RE: Newspaper Billing (June 1 – 30 2012)

Inquirer (Mon/Sat) (3) = 78x18 = 1,404.00
Inquirer (Sunday) (3) = 12x20 = 240.00
Star (Mon/Sun) (3) = 90x20 = 1,800.00
Bulletin (Mon/Sat) (2) = 52x18 = 936.00
Bulletin (Sunday) (2) = 8x20 = 160.00
Mla.Times (Mon/Sun) (1) = 30x18 = 540.00
Standard (Mon/Sat) (1) = 26x18 = 468.00
Mla.Tribune (Mon/Sun) (1) = 30x18 = 540.00
Malaya (Mon/Fri) (1) = 21x25 = 525.00
Buss.World (Mon/Fri) (1) = 21x25 = 525.00
Buss.Mirror (Mon/Sun) (1) = 25x25 = 625.00

Tabloids Abante / A.Tonite / Journal P. Tonight / Ngayon / Bandera 6pcs/ day = 30x6 = 180x10 = 1.800.00

1 Woman J. = 60.00
1 MOD = 100.00
1 Wowan Today = 90.00 Total P 9,813.00

Prepared by :
Abner Trinindad

6162 Einthoven St., Palanan, Makati City
Contanct No. 5363995


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...the Accounting Standards Council (ASC). The ASC receives its mandate from the Accounting Standards Act, which came into effect on 01 Nov 2007. It is responsible for prescribing accounting standards for companies, charities, cooperative societies and societies in line with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). The formulation of accounting standards in Singapore follows a formal and rigorous process that comprises four successive stages—namely exposure, reviewing of comments, post exposure and Issuance of final standards. Exposure Stage The exposure stage is triggered in response to the IASB issuing an Exposure Draft (ED) on new IFRS; amendments to existing IFRS, International Accounting Standard (IAS); a draft Interpretation of the International Financial Reporting Interpretations Committee (IFRIC) or amendment to an existing Interpretation. ASC proceeds to issue its own ED on the proposed equivalent FRS (ED FRS) or draft Interpretation (ED INT FRS) for public comments. Extensive effort is also expended to proactively seek feedback from about 50 interested parties, comprising industry associations, Governmental bodies, listed companies, banks, securities firms and academic institutions. The ASC may also conduct separate public consultations to solicit comments on specific areas covered in the ED FRS or ED INT FRS. Reviewing of Comments The ICPAS’ ASC forms standing subcommittees,......

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