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Pages 3 also refer to Boardworks 2, 3 and 4 on the VLE 1. Which band of the electromagnetic spectrum has: | | (a) the longest wavelength? | Radio Waves | (b) the lowest frequency? | Radio Waves | (c) the shortest wavelength? | Gamma Rays | (d) the highest frequency? | Gamma Rays | (e) a wavelength just longer than red light? | Infra-Red | (f) a wavelength just shorter than violet light? | Ultra Violet | (g) a frequency higher than X-rays? | Gamma Rays | (h) a frequency lower than microwaves? | Radio Waves | (i) a wavelength in between infra-red and ultra-violet? | Visible Light | (j) a wavelength in between gamma rays and ultra-violet? | X Rays | (k) a frequency in between infra-red and radio waves? | Microwaves | | | 2.Which band or bands of the electromagnetic spectrum: | | (a) are used in broadcasting? | Radio waves | (b) are used to treat cancer? | Gamma Rays | (c) give rise to sun-tan? | Ultra Violet | (d) are used to cook food? | Radio Waves | (e) are used in night-sights? | Infra-Red | (f) are used to obtain photographs of broken bones? | X Rays | (g) are produced by fluorescent lamps in order to detect forged bank notes? | Ultra violet | (h) are given off by the Sun? | Visible Light | (i) are used to sterilise food? | Gamma Rays | (j) are produced by sun-beds? | Ultra Violet | (k) are used in photography? | Infra-Red | (l) are used to transmitted satellite television? | Radio Waves | (m) are used by television remote controls? | Infra-Red | (n) are used in optical fibre communication systems? | Visible Light | (o) can be felt as heat? | Visible Light | (p) are given off by radioactive materials? | Gamma Rays | | | 3. List the colours of the spectrum of white light starting with the colour of lowest frequency. | Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Indigo and…...

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