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Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is restaurant committed to providing their customers with deluxe selection of meats, bakery, produce, wine, cheese, and dairy for savvy shoppers. KFF is at a cross roads of growing and management decisions within the business. It faces the issues of time management, employee selection and training, and financial disorganization.
Kathy Kudler founded and established KFF in 1998. She has taken on complete responsibility of all operations concerning KFF. With the company doing very well, she has spearheaded the opening of two additional stores; consecutively, as each business grew. The store chain currently has three stores in operation. The names of the stores are La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas. La Jolla was the first store that opened that reaped successful profits. Due to thriving operations with the La Jolla location, the second store, Del Mar, was able to break ground and begin operating. This was possible after only two years of La Jolla’s opening. Encinitas is the third and newest store in the food chain. Ever since the idea of a gourmet food store begun, the business has been gaining interest and popularity with consumers. All the food stores are doing well with sales, but one has difficulties. After opening the additional store, Kathy has hired two managers for each location; although, continuing to work and visit each store daily. Other employees hired were cashiers, stock persons, and advisory specialists. Kathy solely oversees the buying and restocking of supplies for KFF. There are no investors for the business; however, the company has been performing well. The situation in which Kudler Fine Foods find itself currently is possibly expanding to another store; but, the present stores have issues with the financials, stocking, and top level management. Venturing to open another store may be overbearing and troublesome. Kathy…...

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