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Summary – At This Point In Time
No additional ACOE districts should be brought online to Escape OL5 software.
The current districts on Escape OL5 in Alameda County remain in an implementation phase expectation of support. * OL5 is not yet a turnkey software package- * Still in development with goal of effective & efficient processes * Districts are part of the “debugging” * CRs appear to languish for some time & priority is determined by whom?

* Frequent releases yet work-arounds continue for basic California school business accounting and payroll processes * Reliable? Successive releases sometimes lose previous fixes * Accurate? Successive trials do not always yield the same result * Responsive? Does not provide for some basic processes * Confusing? Too many options when the basics aren’t reliable * Credible? One whole manual chapter & report are not usable * Resources? ET expanding to other districts… * Current on-line districts have not all completed a full year cycle * Steeper learning curves due to frequent releases * Flux in legislation & resources is dynamic as it is * Accountants struggle with “art” - custom reports, data access * Basic business processes “science” must be tight * Key accounting positions are not being backfilled

* Current ACOE support staff is in flux * Forensic accounting skills to drill down into software & transactions * Districts expect ACOE to interpret the software & “make it work” * Changes should be seamless-consistent

* Communication = Relationship * Strengthen ET > ACOE > inter-department>intra-department>key district staff>ACOE>ET * Understand Districts unique limitations of training, skill, resources *…...

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