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School/Portfolio: | The Business School | Course Code/ID: | BUMGT5921 | Course Title: | Organizations: Behaviour, Structure, Processes | Teaching Location: | Melbourne Institute of Technology | Program(s): | Master of Business Administration | Coordinator: | Dr Syed Uddin | Level: | Introductory | Semester: | 2/2013 | Prerequisite(s): | Nil | Corequisite(s): | Nil | Exclusion(s): | Nil | Credit Points/Progress Units: | 15 | ASCED Code: | 080307 |
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1.1 Student Responsibility
It is the responsibility of every student to be aware of the requirements for this course, and understand the specific details included in this document.

For full details of programs and school procedures, please refer to the University of Ballarat handbook ( ) and The Business School Programs Handbooks available at

Students should be aware of the content of the handbooks, particularly:

* * Special Consideration process and forms * Assignment Coversheet * Submission of tasks and assignments * Grading codes * Appeal process * Unsatisfactory progress - Early Intervention

* Appeal process * Unsatisfactory progress - Early Intervention * Grading codes

1.2 Staff
The most appropriate contact is your teacher. If necessary they will contact the Course Coordinator at the University of Ballarat.

| Coordinator | Lecturer | Tutor | Name: | Dr Syed Uddin | Ms. Genna Kaur | Ms. Genna Kaur | Phone: | 0405 735 248 | 03 8600 6700 | 03 8600 6700 | Email: | | | | Office: | | Level 8, Sessional Office | Level 8, Sessional Office | |…...

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