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Example assessment & marking criteria
|Assessment type: |Learning portfolio |
|Subject: |EML110 English Curriculum: Understanding Language and Literacy |
| |This subject introduces foundational concepts about language and literacy as sociocultural practices, and theories and models of language acquisition and early literacy |
| |development. Students will explore contextual factors that impact language and literacy development such as cultural and linguistic diversity, and the influence of |
| |globalisation and new technologies on literacy teaching and learning. Students will critically engage with English Curriculum documents to understand the intent and |
| |organisation of English through the strands of language, literacy and literature. Students will develop core practices related to collecting, analysing and interpreting |
| |data in order to understand children's early language and literacy experiences in a range of contexts. They will connect these experiences to pedagogical approaches that |
| |support literacy learning in Years K-2. |
|Subject learning |On successful completion of this subject, students will be able to:…...

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