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Entrepreneurial Leadership
By Latrece Hart
Instructor: Dr. Etido Akpan
Business 508 – Contemporary Business
January 27, 2013

What started out as a simple beginning has become a successful venture. Jerry and Janie Murrell told their children they either had to go to work or go to college. Five Guys Burgers and Fries, named for the owners’ five sons, was the brain child of two parents, Jerry and Janie Murrell, whose two oldest sons decided they would rather run a business than go to college. They found the best way to compete in the fast food world would be to center their concentration on the food. It’s with this simplistic viewpoint that Five Guys has become one of the fastest growing chains in the fast food industry (Boone & Kurtz, 2012).
Determine How Five Guys’ Philosophy Sets It Apart From Other Fast-Food Chains Five Guys’ philosophy is simple. They want to sell the best quality burger of all fast food chains. In order to do that, their philosophy has been to stick to the basics. The menu remains the same, mainly burgers and fries. The burgers are fresh and handmade, never frozen. The French fries are hand cut as well (Burke, 2012). There are no freezers, only coolers. The customer can also see their burger being made once they place the order. The family has tried to add new menu items to their men, but quickly removed them from the lineup, deciding to stick with the formula that has kept them successful which is original burgers and fries. The décor of the restaurants is retro, red/white checkered. There are no fancy tricks or gimmicks, just a focus on the most important thing, the food (Garrett, 2010). What sets them apart is the belief that the best salesman is the customer. According to Murrell, he says “treat that person right, he’ll walk out the door and sell for you.” (Boone & Kurtz, 2012)
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