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Academic Advisors and Undergraduate Personal Development Coaching

After you have watched the videos, answer the questions below:

Academic Advisors

1. The video on Academic Advising lists six topics that you might discuss with your advisor. What are these six topics? • Goal development

• Personal education plans

• Course selection

• Registration

• Policies and procedures

• Locating information on financial aid, tutoring, and other student services

2. Make a list of questions you may have for your advisor related to at least three of the topics you listed in question 1. (Though not part of this assignment, you ought to consider making an appointment to speak to your advisor about these questions or any others you may have).

• I want to teach ESOL eventually, will I need another English course in addition to COMM 150, which I will take next semester?

• I have been charged for the PF 121 course, but I understood this would be free as I work at CSCC; how can I adjust my account?

• Will I ever have to attend Franklin even though I am an online student?

• What recreational facilities does Franklin University provide for students?

Undergraduate Personal Development Coaching

1. In your own words, how would you describe a coach’s primary function?

The primary function of a coach is to assist the student in consolidating their academic goal(s) through the development of self-responsibility and self-belief with a focused personal academic plan. A coach should help foster an attitude of self-responsibility in the student which can enable the student to meet their desired academic and personal development goals and be accountable with an appropriate level of advocacy from their coach to achieve those goals with a new level of confidence.

2. What…...

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