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June 01, 2013

So many questions, where was God? What is true evil? How could God let something of this nature happen to hundreds of innocent people? This tragedy on September 11, 2001 shook this country’s faith in God. The faith that we thought we had was shaken, why were so many innocent people killed and so many spared? It brings about the question of good and evil, if there is a God and he is good why does He bring such suffering to people. If we pray, go to church and do all the “right” things why? In the book Making Sense of Your World (Phillips, 2008) it states Believers should expect suffering if they follow Christ (Mark 8:34; John 15:20) and thus can in a sense rejoice in those sufferings, which are for Christs sake. God allowed sin to occur and He was the ultimate victim. Evil is a force as one put it in the video, it invites you to join it. This generation has lost touch with the manifestions of evil, TV shows, movies even violence in their own home. So evil is a part of everyday life for some. It is normal in a sense. Everyone’s view of evil may be a little different to each, something I think is evil may be normal to someone else. Some things that we call evil are simply things that may displease us because they hinder the fullfillment of our inflated desires (Phillips, 2008) Stehpen Davis concurs: “The problem of evil, in my opinion and in the opinion of others is the most serious intellectual difficulty that Christians and other thesist face.”

We as humans I don’t think will ever understand why there is evil. I think that evil is a tool used by atheists to hold over a Christians head per say. If there truly is a God then why does he allow evil to happen. According to Christianity, God created all things, but this doesn’t make him the creator of evil.…...

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