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PART I – GENERAL PRINCIPLES TAXATION – power inherent in every sovereign State to impose a charge or burden upon persons, properties, or rights to raise revenues for the use and support of the government to enable it to discharge its appropriate functions SCOPE OF TAXATION TAXATION IS: Unlimited, Far-reaching, Plenary Comprehensive Supreme STAGES OF TAXATION: (LAP) 1. Levy 2. Assessment 3. Payment Basic Principles of a Sound Tax System 1. Fiscal Adequacy 2. Theoretical Justice 3. Administrative Feasibility INHERENT LIMITATIONS (SPING) 1) Situs or territoriality of taxation 2) Must be for a Public purpose • Test is whether proceeds will be used for something which is the duty of the State to provide. • Legislature is not required to adopt a policy of “all or none.” • Incidental benefit to individual does not defeat exemption 3) International comity • Property of a foreign State of government may not be taxed by another 4) Non-delegability of the taxing power • Contemplates power to QuickTime™ and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor determine kind,thisobject, extent, are needed to see picture. amount, coverage, and situs of tax; • Distinguish from power to assess and collect • Exemptions: (a) presidential taxing powers; (b) local governments 5) Exemptions of Government agencies • Taking money from one pocket • to the other Applies only to entities exercising government functions (acta jure imperii)

CONSTITUTIONAL LIMITATIONS A. Direct 1) Due process • Should not be harsh, oppressive, or confiscatory (Substantive) • By authority of valid law (Substantive) • Must be for a public purpose (Substantive) • Imposed within territorial jurisdiction (Substantive) • No arbitrariness in assessment and collection (Procedural) • Right to notice and hearing (Procedural) 2) Equal protection • All persons subject to…...

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...Taxation Taxation - A means by which governments finance their expenditure by imposing charges on citizens and corporate entities. Governments use taxation to encourage or discourage certain economic decisions. For example, reduction in taxable personal (or household) income by the amount paid as interest on home mortgage loans results in greater construction activity, and generates more jobs. Characteristics * Enforced contribution. * Generally payable with money. * Proportionate in character. * Levied on persons or property * Levied by the state which has jurisdiction mover the subject. Advantages * Corrects market failure.  * Companies are in favor of it as they pass on the costs to their consumers. * Provides public goods. Disadvantages * Can become excessive in certain ways, discouraging investment or work. Advantages and disadvantages of taxation to redistribute income Taxation is a tool commonly used by government as a means of redistributing income amongst its citizens. In some instances, taxation can have a positive effect on the redistribution of income, other times, it can do more harm than good. Taxation helps greatly in the redistribution of income as it gives the government funds which they can use to fund public services. In countries that have solid taxation systems, revenue from taxes will be great. The more revenue there is coming from taxes, the more money there will be left over for the government...

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...Chapter 4 Scholastic Triumphs at Ateneo de Manila (1872-1877) Escuela Pia (Charity School) – a school for poor boys in manila which was established by the city government in 1817. The Escuela Pia is the First name of Ateneo de Manila. The Ateneo is acquired prestige as an excellent college for boys. Rizal Enters the Ateneo – June 10, 1872 Father Magin Ferrando – the college registrar when jose entered at the Ateneo municipal. There are two reasons why father Magin Ferrando refuse Rizal (1) he was late for registration (2) he was sickly and under sized for his age. But by the help of the nephew of father Burgos --- Xerez Burgos, Rizal was reluctantly admitted at the Ateneo. Jesuit System of Education – The system given by the Jesuits in the Ateneo was more advance than that of other colleges in that period. Two Groups in Ateneo 1. The Roman Empire – internos (boarders). Their banners colour is red. 2. The Carthagainian Empire – externos (non-boarders). Their banners colour is blue. Rizal’s First Year in Ateneo (1872-1873) – on his first day of class in the Ateneo June 1872, Rizal first heard mass at the college chapel and prayed fervently to God for guidance and success. Father Jose Bech – Rizal’s first professor in Ateneo. Summer Vacation (1873) – at the end of the school year in March 1873, Rizal returns to Calamba for summer vacation. He did not particularly enjoy his vacation because his mother was in prison. Second Year in Ateneo (1873-1874) – nothing unusual......

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...E-commerce Taxation: Towards its Legalization Have you ever wanted to buy something with just one click without having to pay much as the usual? With the easy access and affordable prices, online purchasing has become the most convenient way of shopping for most teenagers. The popularity of the Internet particularly Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites attracted many retailers to invest their businesses online without having to pay taxes like any other retailers do. By this, e-commerce continues to grow with the advancement in technology as it overshadows the traditional way of running a business by the insignificant purpose of the physical interaction between the buyer and the seller. E-commerce in itself is classified into three types: business-to-consumer in which online stores sell products to final consumers; consumer-to-consumer just in the case of eBay and Amazon and; business-to-business which involves job recruiting, online advertising, credit, sales, and the like (U, 2002, p.6). With the emergence of e-commerce, brick and mortar stores are slowly starting to degrade, thus alarming the government on the collection of lesser tax since the law regarding electronic commerce taxation is still being debated. This income generating phenomenon has been an attractive target to the government to cope with its huge loss on tax collection. So why pay tax? Richard Carlson (2002) once said, “At tax time, it helps to remember that if your tax obligation has......

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...public enterprises and foreign loans. Differentiate taxation from public finance? What are the situs or subjects of taxation? SITUS OF TAXATION- literally means the place of taxation, or the country that has jurisdiction to levy a particular tax on persons, property, rights or business. Basis: Symbiotic relationship. The jurisdiction, state or political unit that gives protection has the right to demand support. The situs of taxation is determined by a number of factors a. Subject matter- or what is being taxed. He may be a person or it may be a property, an act or activity; b. Nature of tax- or which tax to impose. It may be anincome tax, an import duty or a real property tax; c. Citizenship of the taxpayer d. Residence of the taxpayer. SITUS OF PERSONS - Residence tax- place where the person resides - Income Tax- a. citizenship, or the country of which he is a citizen b. legal residence c. place where the income is derived. - Estate Tax- residence of the decedent at the time of his death - Donor’s Tax- residence of the donor at the time of donation - Business/occupation tax- where the business is done or the occupation is engaged in; SITUS OF TAXATION OF PROPERTY - Real Property- location of the property - Tangible personal property- location of the property - Intangible personal property- domicile or residence of the owner What is the meaning of Double Taxation? Double taxation- both taxes where imposed in the same year for......

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... TAXATION. Name: Institution: A) Effect of Taxation. Taxation is a system of levying taxes on various types of earnings, income and/or purchases. It is an essential part of a modern state whereby the government obtains revenue, which is used for provision of education, health care and living benefits to a range of its citizens (Sullivan 2003).  The UK tax system has several incompatible objectives, for instance redistribution of income and wealth creation (through tax breaks). The government must take into account the issue of fairness in taxation, if it is to provide an acceptable tax system in the United Kingdom (Wales 2008). The social function of taxation is to ensure that there is wealth redistribution, in order to create a fair and harmonious society. According to Adam Smith, fairness in taxation promotes morality and equity in free market economics (Sullivan 2003). Fairness in taxation ensures that market failures are tackled. A fair tax regime ensures that the revenue collected is shared equitably and appropriately through judicious expenditure. According to Adam Smith, equity in taxation implies that the taxpayers pay taxes that are proportionate to their income, while the allocation of government resources does not adhere to this proportionality. A fair tax has the following four attributes: equity, efficiency, certainty and convenience. Equity ensures that the tax has a reasonable impact on the taxpayers. Equity is......

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...Where the taxable income exceeds Rs.4,550,000. 20.00%”; Share this: Sources of taxes in pakistan: Existing Sources of Revenues1. Property Tax 2. Motor Vehicle Tax 3. Entertainment Tax  4. Cinema Tax  5. Capital Gain Tax  6. Professional Tax. 7. Welfare Cess.  8. Hotel Tax. 9. Duty on spirits.  10. License Fee for sale of Foreign Liquor. 11. Permit fee on Liquor.  12. Distillery fee. 13. License fee on denatured spirit.  14. Permit fee on denatured spirit. 15. Assessment fee for sale of liquor. 16. Trade Tax 17. Collection of Income Tax and withholding Tax on behalf of federal Government form motor vehicle owners. |   | Tax system of pakistan Tax System in Pakistan | Federal taxes in Pakistan like most of the taxation systems in the world are classified into two broad categories, viz., direct and indirect taxes. A broad description regarding the nature of administration of these taxes is explained below:Direct TaxesDirect taxes primarily comprise income tax, along with supplementary role of wealth tax. For the purpose of the charge of tax and the computation of total income, all income is classified under the following heads: * Salaries * Interest on securities * Income from property * Income from business or professions * Capital gains; and * Income from other sourcesPersonal TaxAll individuals, unregistered firms, associations of persons, etc., are liable to tax, at the rates ranging from 10 to 35 per cent.Tax on CompaniesAll......

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...Taxation Finance Act 2009 Alan Melville S IT IN TH W EEN ON NO IFT ITI F ED ● ● 15th Annual Edition ● ● Class Tested Over 250 Worked Examples ● Over 250 Exercises and Questions On ACCA, CIPFA, AIA and IFA Reading Lists Taxation Supporting resources For instructors Visit to find valuable online resources • Complete, downloadable Instructor’s Manual For more information please contact your local Pearson Education sales representative or visit We work with leading authors to develop the strongest educational materials in accounting, bringing cutting-edge thinking and best learning practice to a global market. Under a range of well-known imprints, including Financial Times Prentice Hall, we craft high quality print and electronic publications which help readers to understand and apply their content, whether studying or at work. To find out more about the complete range of our publishing please visit us on the World Wide Web at: Taxation Finance Act 2009 Fifteenth edition Alan Melville FCA, BSc, Cert. Ed. Pearson Education Limited Edinburgh Gate Harlow Essex CM20 2JE England and Associated Companies throughout the world Visit us on the World Wide Web at: First published 1995 Fifteenth edition published 2010 © Pearson Professional Limited 1995, 1996 © Financial Times Professional Limited 1997, 1998......

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...INCOME TAXATION GBS 1 OBJECTIVE: The students at the end of the module should be able to distinguish the different kinds of taxes, the nature, scope, basis, theory, purpose, situs, limitations, subject of taxation and escape from taxation, the powers of the sovereign, characteristics of taxes, and the basic principles of a sound tax system, as well as the different taxable income and deductions. Definition of Terms TAXATION – is a power inherent in every sovereign state to impose a charge or burden upon persons, properties or rights to raise revenues for the use and support of the government and to enable it to discharge its appropriate functions. - It is a mode of raising revenue for public purposes. (Cooley) TAX – is a forced burden, charge, imposition or contribution assessed in accordance with some reasonable rule of apportionment by authority of the sovereign state upon person, property, or rights exercised, within its jurisdiction to provide public revenues for the support of the government, administration of the law or payment of public expenses. INCOME TAX SYSTEM OF THE PHILIPPINES • GROSS INCOME TAXATION-where a Final Tax is imposed on the gross amount of specified types of income. Example: Interest, royalty, prize, dividend, capital gain • NET INCOME TAXATION- certain deductions are allowed and subtracted from the aggregates of income not subject ot final tax; the tax is computed based on the resulting net income. THEORY AND BASIS OF TAXATION > necessity to defray......

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...Case exercise: Real Estate Taxation in Denmark Question 1. 1. What are the main factors about a real estate that is influencing the sales price? Answer: The factors that I think are influencing the the sales price are: * Location (Copenhagen or Vejen) * Size of the building and land * Condition of the building * Population growth (will effect the demand) * Interest (if low interest then more people can afford to buy ergo more demand) * Economic situation in the country is there ongoing recession or bubble growth * Sales situation (Is it a person that is in a rush to liquidate the real estate or is it a person that will wait for the best price, is it a sale between two people that know each other well, is it a bank selling a foreclosure property) * Unemployment rate * Size of the market (number of sales in a given time and location) * Market price (lets face it sometimes the market price is not based on any locical idea) 2. Which of these factors would you think are available in some data sources? Which of them are not? Answer: The factors that are in some datebases are: * Location * Size of the building * Population growth * Interest The factors that are not: * Condition of the building and land * Economic situation (there is probably not any one fixed number but it will derived from other key points) * Sales situation, this probably needed to be checked via opinon poll * Market price......

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Reviewer handle complex combinations of conditions. On the other hand, a decision tree is an effective way to describe a relatively simple process. ( 10. What is Structured English? Structured English is a subset of standard English that describes logical processes clearly and accurately, and when used must conform to the following rules: • Use only the three building blocks of sequence, selection and iteration. • Use indentation for reliability. • Use a limited vocabulary, including standard terms used in the data dictionary and specific words that describe the processing rules. ( reviewer...

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