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AT&T has proven to be a successful company by executing effective organizational behaviors of which include focusing on the company’s structure, culture, and communication. In 2002, AT&T was facing several business challenges. The company was facing a declined in revenues and the competition was gaining advantage in the long distance communication business (Fields, 2006). Chairman and Chief Executive Officer David Dorman, expressed AT&T’s mission was to be “the preeminent networking and telecommunications services company in the world, with a relentless focus on meeting customer needs” (Bedminster, 2003, p. 1). Some of the company’s long-term goals included changing its structure by shifting downwards corporate functions into the company and placing a horizontal leadership in place. The chapter readings defines horizontal differentiation as the “way an organization places organizational tasks into roles and roles into subunits,” and “establishes the division of labor, which enables people in the organization to become more specialized and productive and increases the organization's ability to create value” (Jones, 2004, p. 102). During the reorganization, Dorman reduced the layers of management between positions like his as CEO to the line workers from 14 to 7. He believed the ability to streamline the structure will emphasize the customer-based focus approach the company was embarking in during the reorganization. AT&T designed the customer- based approach to support the companies objectives by “elevating the customer care teams in AT&T Business and AT&T, bringing the billing operations team into the customer service organization, centralizing all of AT&T's major retail channels under a unified customer-facing sales organization, with greater accountability and enhanced market reach, and integrating all product management segments into a single…...

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