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Audience/Purpose/Tone Communication is important to every business and need people with good communication skills. For this paper the two forms of communication that I have chosen are: Interoperational and Personal. In order to tackle business communication problems it’s very essential to follow a well drafted communication process. The communication process steps involved for my two forms of communication are:
Sensing a communication need: The need for communication here is for Conveying the Yearly Sales Budget, Sales Target and Project Plans and Training team members. The purpose of these communications is to discuss the annual budget and set targets for the sales and information technology and to train my team members with this new reporting tool and share my knowledge with them.
Defining the situation: The presenter of the interoperational communication is our director and the main goal is to help the project managers in laying down the budgets for each project to fall within the targeted budget and thus help them to understand the number of projects to be initiated or undertaken the whole year. The best choice of communication under this situation is using the PowerPoint slides with visuals supporting the speech and contents in the slides. The second form of communication which is a personal communication will be presented by me and it is an informal communication to help the audience to create reports required by the business and analyze the data. The best communication under this situation is a computer to give demo and power point slides.
Considering possible communication strategies: The communication strategy will be developed based on the intended audience. In the interoperational form of communication the audience are basically all the employees of the company but mainly the sales team and the Information technology team. The…...

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