Austraian Destination Management

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TOUR19020 - Destination Management Assignment 2

Research Report on Australian Destination Management

Student Name: Tianrou Zhou & Amy Zeng
Lecturer: David Ponton

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction 3
2.0 Product development 3
3.0 Partnerships, community and tourism stakeholder relations 6 3.1 Partnerships 6 3.2 Community and tourism stakeholder relations 7
4.0 Governance and leadership 8
5.0 Communications and relevant promotions 10 5.1 Integrated marketing communications 10 5.2 Branding and technology application 10
6.0 Comments & Recommendations 11 6.1 Conclusions 11 6.2 Recommendations 12
7.0 Reference List 13

1.0 Introduction

This report aims to explore relevant tourism issues of Australia in a more in-depth extent, based on the analyzed results of previous report. The analysis process is conducted in perspectives of product development, partnerships and team building, community and tourism stakeholder relations, governance and leadership as well as communications and relevant promotions, respectively. At the end of this report, comments and recommendations will be drawn according to the analyzed results. This report consists of following five parts: independent discussions from above four dimensions and comments & recommendations at the end.

2.0 Product development

After decades of development, tourism has already become the fastest and most prosperous industry in Australia, with a proportion of 2.5% in terms of its contribution to Australia’s GDP in 2011 (Hooper& van Zyl2011, p. 12). The rapid development of Australian tourism largely depends on its competitive capability of developing tourism products whichappeals to various specific requirements of different segmentation markets. As analyzed from existing research literatures, a comprehensive product mix, which includes tourism items of nature,…...

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