Australia and New Zealand Doing Business with Indonesia

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Career Objective:
Looking for a position in the HR department and seeking assignments and training with an organization of high repute and also to add some value for the profitability of the organization.
Academic Qualification Qualification | Institution | Board/ Institution | Year of passing | Percentage % | BBM (HR) | Christ | University | 2016 | 3.3 GPA | PUC | Christ | State Board | 2013 | 80% | SSLC | Christ | State Board | 2011 | 85% |

Personality Traits-
- Strong motivational and leadership skills.
- Exceptional presentation and interpersonal skills.
- Unmatchable communication skills in written and verbal both.
- Ability to work in team as well as individual.

Technical Skills
-Proficient in basic use of MS office
-Awarded 3rd position at The Intra-Collegiate Cultural Fest “Xite - Christites’ Innovative Talent Expo” and also in Artemis fest held at Jyoti Nivas College.
- Actively participated in all the cultural fest held at school level as well as college level and won many awards in art and dance events.
-Awarded 1st position in science talent exhibition in the year 2010.

Extra Curricular Activities-
-Worked at Internet Treasures Technology Private Limited as a Content Research Intern for a period of 1 month
-Worked in NGO’s such as Lovedale foundation for 25 hours and also in Little sisters orphanage.
-Participated in resource mobilization for Humanitarian Causes- “Indian Development foundation (formerly Indian leprosy foundation)”.

Personal profile-
Name: Bhavana.S
Fathers name: Srinivas N.M
Date of birth: 12/07/1995
Gender: Female
Nationality: Indian
Hobbies: Browsing net and doing art works, paintings and dance.
Languages known: English, Kannada, and Telugu.
Address: # 19, Kormangala, 5th block,…...

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... Learning Objectives L01 Describe the various postpurchase processes engaged in by consumers L02 Define and discuss postpurchase dissonance L03 Discuss the issues surrounding product use and nonuse and their importance to marketers L04 Summarize disposition options and their relevance to marketers and public policy L05 Explain the determinants and outcomes of satisfaction and dissatisfaction L06 Describe the relationship between satisfaction, repeat purchase, and customer commitment 18-3 Consumer Behavior In The News… Can emotional attachment sell brands?  What are the top 5 brands in terms of consumer emotional attachment?       What is the relationship with emotional attachment, loyalty, and repeat purchase? Source: J. Pollack, “Tech Tops in Creating Emotional Connection,” Advertising Age, October 17, 2011, p. 38. 18-4 Consumer Behavior In The News… Can emotional attachment sell brands?  What are the top 5 brands in terms of consumer emotional attachment?  iPod  iPhone  GoogleSearch  Disney Parks  Google  Emotional attachment is important because it increases loyalty and purchase frequency. Source: J. Pollack, “Tech Tops in Creating Emotional Connection,” Advertising Age, October 17, 2011, p. 38. 18-5 Postpurchase Consumer Behavior 18-6 Postpurchase Dissonance Postpurchase Dissonance occurs when a consumer has doubts or anxiety regarding the......

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