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Acxiom Corporation
Acxiom Corporation is a multitrillion dollar database marketing industry located in Conway, AR. It is said to be the world’s largest commercial database on consumers. The corporation was started in Conway, AR in 1969 by Charles D. Ward. Also, the headquarters are in Little Rock, AR, which is around 30 miles from Conway, AR. It process more than 50 trillion data transactions a year from consumers. This industry of databases contains information from 500 million active consumers worldwide, with about 1500 points per person; which majority are adults in the United States. In the year 2012, it was profit of 77.26 million dollars on sales of 1.15 billion dollars. In 2012, they had 6,200 employees working for the corporation. Some of Acxiom customers are big banks such as Wells Fargo & HSBC, other companies such as Toyota, Ford, Macy’s, and many more.
Acxiom started out like any other marketing corporation with newspapers, television, and radios. But then new technology came about. Acxiom now market through social networks and media. Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook allowed Acxiom to not only reach out to the consumers but to the public as well. Acxiom regulate and take part in all data assets, on behalf of data from many foundations to guarantee accurateness. Invalid or incomplete information is exchanged, giving the consumer the right information to make the right decisions.
Acxiom provides consumers only with data connected to risk management, like their own jail or prison records, bankruptcy filings, residential histories and many more. The company only has data that is very easy to know, like the social network information. When a consumer asks for information about a client, Acxiom match customers by name with the social networks or Internet providers they use. But…...

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