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In what ways can airports and airlines improve their recycling efforts?

I would say that establishing a successful recycling program and obtaining a commitment from Upper Management should be the first step in the process to bring the airports and airlines into a greener flight. Management support is crucial to develop and sustain an airport recycling program. Before they assemble a team, management must authorize the use of the team’s time and possible changes in job responsibilities and priorities. In addition, the initial stages of a program will require financial investments to purchase the necessary equipment and to train staff. It is important to inform management that there are environmental and potential economic benefits in implementing an airport recycling program. Next they should assemble a green team including individuals from every sector of the airport: terminals, offices, hangars, vendors, airlines, and flight kitchens. The green team plans and implements the recycling program in the initial phase, then maintains and monitors the program once it is in place. The green team may include individuals from inside and outside the airport. Before you develop a recycling plan, understand what waste is generated and collected at your airport by performing a waste assessment. A waste assessment provides quality and quantity data. It also provides a baseline to measure progress in the future. Next, they will need to contract a person to haul the waste away and a person to sort the waste that has come from the airport. After finding a hauler and sorter, they would need to have a successful recycling plan made up and in place, considering factors such as the number of passengers that pass through the facility each day, and the size of the airport. They will need to identify all factors that will influence their plan and affect the scale and scope of their…...

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