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Industry Overview The baby food industry generates annual sales of $10.3 billion in the US and $41.5 billion global (Transparent Market Research, 2011). Baby food industry has significant market shares compared to other industries. In today’s market, with the rapid changing of the environment and consumer expectation, the baby food industry is facing many challenges. However, there are promising opportunities that can be achieved. More than ever, baby food companies are required to have strategic planning in order to insure survival and profitability. The new marketing concept is far more complicated than decades ago. Companies cannot just focus on product, price, promotion, and distributions, but need solid strategies on the changes in demographic, economic, technological, political and cultural forces. Companies who respond fast to environmental changes gain more market share and become profitable. Comprehensive marketing research is also critical for companies to understand the current market.
Target Segments Baby food industry’s main target is working parents with focus on mothers in the urban area with high disposable income. Women are the main target segments in the baby food industry since they are the primary buyers of goods and services for the family (Skoloda 2009). Today, most women are working and have more spending power. The long hours in the office and the busy urban lives make it difficult for women to prepare foods for their kids; the prepared foods are their best options.
Industry SWOT Analysis
Holding a large market share, baby food industry has the competitive advantage over other industry competitors. The baby food industry offers comprehensive product line, giving the industry advantage to attract more sales. The products are available from infant feeding to toddler snacks to kid meals. The baby food industry has large…...

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