Bad Correlation Between Cellphone and Driving

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The bad correlation between any cell phone use and driving

Texting, making phone calls and any types of cell phone use while driving might be the most dangerous combination that least people could imagine.
Firstly, my own personal experience suggests that texting while driving can easily put your and other people surrounding us on danger. I nearly crashed a motorcyclist while sending a message through a phone, fortunately my younger sister was there to remind me that there was an intersection up ahead, and I had to immediately hit the brake. I believe this incident did not only happen to me, because it is quite easily seen that people tend to still use their mobile phone while driving, and I also have to feel blessed that I still have my sister on my side at that time. According to Eby & Kostinyuk (2003), the main driver’s distraction that usually leads to an accident is when a driver has to dial or talk or text a cell phone. Many people underestimated the risk of using cell phone while operating a vehicle, that is the main reason why there are still collisions caused by a single cell phone.
Secondly, there was once a series of Oprah Winfrey show that used ‘Distraction while driving’ as a topic, it discusses about the risk of using cell phone while driving. There were 2 people whose person they loved passed away caused by collisions involving cell phone. Oprah (2010) said that when people drive, it increases the likelihood of that person dies twice, when that person taking calls it multiples by 4, and when he text a message it doubles up to 8. Hands-free device is also as distracting as cell phone, because taking phones require a driver to listen to the person speaking through the phone, leaving the driver less likely to hear another driver's horn or an emergency siren, written in LaSpinna’s article (2010), taken from Dr. David Strayer’s study, professor…...

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