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thesis and what will be discussed in the paper. Give a hint of the evidence that will be used to support the thesis. Discuss the process and any other information that hints at possible conclusions. It is important to remember that the second paragraph begins the body of the paper. This paragraph has to transition smoothly from the first paragraph. This paragraph provides support for a major point with evidence from the sources cited from the electronic databases. Remember, “Wikipedia may not be used for this assignment” (Tobias 2014). Moreover, it is correct to use the electronic databases from the PMA Website or from the Chicago Public Library using a library card number and zip code and legitimate Website sources. In addition to the sources cited in the paper, there must be in-text or parenthetical citations throughout all of the paragraphs in order to ensure that the information is not plagiarized (Gibaldi 220-221). It is not enough to simply paraphrase information. At a minimum, the paper must include twice the number of citations as there are people in the group. Therefore, if the group has five people, the paper must have ten in-text citations or parenthetical references. Equally important, all members of a group need to consult with one another in order to produce a quality paper that is interesting to the reader and supported by evidence. All members need to pull their own weight in order for the group to be successful with this assignment. Please recall that there are many students that have borderline grades. This paper is one of those assignments that can potentially help a student to pass Survey of Literature. Please read the following quote: In his first address to Congress in February 2009, when the nation teetered on the brink of economic collapse, President Obama declared that ‘dropping out of high school is no longer an…...

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