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include quotedinclude bibliographyexclude small matchesdownloadrefreshprint mode: 4% match (Internet from 4/8/11) Ethical and Moral issues plays a major role in today business environment. Employers and managers needs to communicate more and compromise his or her ethical and moral belief. In the business Companies are encountering issues worldwide. On the business side the managers are handling the company specific issues and on the moral side observation and decision making are the specifics issues. Morals; are principals, values, and belief that determines the way an individual think, behave and respond To a situation. Although these four terms has distinctive meanings however they have different terminology. Morals are and principals are forms of value, values are a form of belief, and theses four terms represents ethics, in which deals with an individual behavior and the norm to distinguish right and wrong. Ethic; is consist of the four terms, morals, principals, values, and beliefs that people uses to control their behavior. Ethics combine these terms together by the way people think and believe also it dictates how an individual will act and show his or her moral values through their actions. Ethical and moral are sometimes combine as one although they are close in meaning in some aspects, ethical and morals has different meanings. Where something may be ethical or legal, it may interfere with an individual belief, morals, principals and values. Morals are defined as a person character that helps an individual to distinguish right and wrong. Ethics is defines as principals,…...

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...Executive Summary Bakery on Wheels is a local business that offers a variety of patisseries and baked sweets. Bakery on Wheels is different from the other bakeries because it offers delivery service all over Amman at different times for children and adults to enjoy. It will serve people who need delivery right away or are busy preparing for a party or just feel like eating sweets at the moment. Bakery on wheels will not require renting or buying a venue instead it will only require renting a furnished kitchen. I will focus my design and identity in the purchased bus that will accommodate the display and delivery services. In the back of the bus, there will be a section equipped with a refrigerator to put the baked stuff and juice. In the rented furnished kitchen I need to hire a cook that will be responsible for cooking and preparing the orders, I also need to hire a certified driver. Products and Services The bakery provides freshly prepared bakery and pastry products at all times during business operations. Several moderate batches of products are prepared during the day to assure fresh baked goods are always available. - Cookies: different flavors, sizes and shapes - Cupcakes: different flavors, sizes, shapes and decorations - Crepes - Brownies - Cakes: different flavors, sizes, shapes and decorations - Flavored breads - Drinks: Fresh juices, water, coffee and tea - Birthday catering can be booked prior and delivered to birthday......

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