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Balancing Studies with Work and Family Demands

When I decided to return to school in April, I suppose I didn’t keep in mind the juggling act I already participate in. My biggest stress has to do with communicating effectively with my ex. I am going through a massive parenting battle with him involving my two youngest children. Two years ago, my ex, Jamie, found some loop hole in the system and was granted full custody. This event alone still haunts me and is the foundation of my daily struggles to handle stress. Just this past September, I was able to finally see my boys. Once again, the time lost is and I fear will always add to my overload of stress. I finally got a court order giving me two nights a week with my boys; however, I still overwhelm myself with sadness because their Dad continues to use them to lash out and hurt me. I’m not given a chance to have them more often, and missing out on their childhood seems to take over my mind more than I care to admit. This paralyzes me from facing my stresses of work, family, and classes. Some days just getting out of bed is stressful enough. Not only am I dealing with a battle for my right as a Mom, but just being able to co parent with my children’s father has been on the top of the most painful, heartbreaking and frustrating situations I have ever encountered. The degrading statements, the lack of putting children first horrifies me to the extent I can’t focus on my daily tasks. I can’t handle the non-stop, “Kelly you won’t ever become anything,” or, “Kelly you don’t have what it takes to succeed.” It’s hard to climb a mountain without a good pair of shoes. To add to my daily stress, my mother asked me to help her get things organized for a garage sale! I helped her last summer and it was a nightmare. However, when Momma asks for help, she’s always going to receive it. Another ball I am currently juggling is…...

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