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Bangladesh keen on business with Myanmar: GM Quader
Faruk Khan proposes parliamentary panel to remove trade barriers
Bangladesh is keen to do business with Myanmar in a win-win situation for the both next-door neighbours, Commerce Minister GM Quader said yesterday.
He said connectivity by air, sea and land is the key to giving a boost to bilateral trade.
“I hope all trade barriers with Myanmar will be removed soon. Bangladesh as a close neighbour will enjoy better trade privileges than other countries,” Quader told a seminar at Ruposhi Bangla Hotel in Dhaka.
The minister also said problems related to the payment mechanism would be resolved as Sonali Bank and the central bank of Myanmar have signed a deal on currency exchange.
Bangladesh Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BMCCI) arranged the seminar, 'Doing Business between Bangladesh and Myanmar and Mechanism for Settling Payments' where its honorary adviser Karar Mahmudul Hasan presented a keynote paper.
Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister Faruk Khan hoped that three ways of communication -- air, sea and land -- with Myanmar would soon be made functional which would help strengthen bilateral trade.
“All formalities have been done regarding the air route. A final deal will be signed in this regard next month when Myanmar's president will be here,” Khan said adding that the river route would also be made operational soon.
“Things are moving fast at the highest government-level. The businesspeople should work faster at the business-level,” Khan said.
He proposed the formation of a parliamentary panel with representatives from the two countries to resolve all trade barriers and make the trade relations more vibrant.
BMCCI President KB Ahmed said Bangladesh and Myanmar are uniquely positioned to become strategic partners in developing their economies with a focus on agriculture, rural development and…...

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