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Q. An analysis of competitors’ brand identities and positioning to understand how the brand is differentiated.

3 competitors to Banner Bog Oak * Celtic Bogoaks * Ronnie Graham: Irish Bog Wood Sculpture * Brian O Loughlin: Irish Bog Oak Sculpture

Brand Positioning:
"The act of designing the company's image and value so that the segment's customers understand what the company stands for in relation to its competitors" Kotler (1988)
Aim: a positioning which holds maximum appeal for its target audience e.g. Guinness

* Celtic Bogoaks
They have been working with bogwoods for many years, creating beautiful gifts for the retail trade. They supply most of the top Irish craft retailers in Ireland including The Kilkenny shops in Dublin, Kilkenny, Galway and Killarney, Seodin in Limerick and Ennis, The Cat & The Moon in Sligo, Judy Greene in Galway, Waterville Craft Centre, The Kilkenny Design Centre, Marble and Lemon in Cork, to name but a few. They also exhibit at Showcase Ireland at the R.D.S. Exhibition Centre in Dublin every year. Celtic Bog oaks are a member of the Craft Council of Ireland.

Celtic Bog oaks are positioned well all over Ireland and showcasing in the RDS in Dublin yearly is making everybody aware of their products and what they have to offer.

Brand Identity:
Celtic bog oaks main brand identity is that "We bring an ancient Irish language and an ancient Irish timber together again." This has an emotional value to a lot of people who are trying to get in touch with their ancestors history and to find out more about the lifestyle people lived before. * Ronnie Graham: Irish Bog Wood Sculpture

Ronnie started carving in Belfast in 1980 originally as some light relief from the tensions of the time so he has good experience of working with bog oak. An early introduction to bog…...

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