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Personnel appraisals, although very widely used, have well-recognised shortcomings and limitations. Even when the process emphasises appraisal rather than counselling, it is far from universally satisfactory. There are certain barriers which work against the effectiveness ol appraisal system. The identification of these barriers is necessary to minimise their impact on the appraisal system. Among the principal barriers to effective appraisal programmes are:

1. Faulty assumptions,

2. Psychological blocks, and

3. Technical pitfalls.

(1) Faulty Assumptions

Because of the faulty assumptions of the parties concerned—superior and his subordinate—in appraisal system, it does not work properly or objectively. These assumptions work against an appraisal system in the following manner:

(i) The assumption I hat managers naturally wish to make fair and accurate appraisals of subordinates is untenable. McFarland feels that both .superiors and subordinates show tendencies to avoid formal appraisal processes, as well as to heed them in their respective work roles. Their organisational roles, and partly in technical deficiencies and the unwise management of appraisal policies and procedures.

(ii) Another faulty assumption is that managers take a particular appraisal system as perfect and feel that once they have launched a programme, that would continue forever. They expect too much from it, and rely too much on it, or blame for their faults. It should be recognised that no system can provide perfect, absolutely defensible appraisals devoid of subjectivity.

(iii) Managers sometimes assume that personal opinion is better than formal appraisal, and they find little use of systematic appraisal and review procedures. However, this 'management by instinct' assumption is not valid and leads to bias, subjectivity and distorted decisions based on partial or…...

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