Basics of Inferiority Complex

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“The Aspect of Inferiority Complex”




The purpose of this paper is to provide a deeper understanding and knowledge of the aspect of Inferiority Complex. The paper aims to relate the human state of having inferiority complex to psychology and to inform the readers of the large-scale effects of this status to the personal, social, mental, and emotional health of a person’s well-being. The paper would dwell into the topic by defining what inferiority complex is, its symptoms, possible causes, possible effects, and its impact on both a personal and community level. The paper also aims to provide an analysis of the topic and why it is considered a problem. The research will highlight the root causes if inferiority complex. It will also highlight the psychological effect of the topic to the person or persons involved including the behavior, personality, attitude, and thought patterns of the people inflicted with the problem and how they affect and interact with the society. The research also covers the health-related implications of the topic. The paper would also tackle how to prevent the problem from inflicting people and also possible measures for recovery for those with inferiority complex. The research hopes to answer questions regarding why certain people show signs of an anti-social, introvert, or shy nature. The research would by dynamic in its approach by applying many forms of approaches namely: behavioral, humanistic, sociocultural, and a moral approach with all these relating psychology with inferiority complex. At the end of the paper, the research would allow and enable the readers a deeper insight on the topic at hand and also provide a comparison to the alter-ego of the topic which is the human state of superiority…...

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