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This survey is about researching how much satisfaction of SIM student feel about SIM facilities( teacher, the food, the staff, service,…etc). SIM uni want to know if the sevice is good enough or not. Please do this survey and tell us what you think about life in SIM.

There are 3 different parts in this survey. Do note that all answers would be confidential.

Section A (about SIM facilities)

1. How satisfied are you with life in SIM uni?

Satisfied good normal other opinion

2. I like the quality and availability of the library resources.

Strongly disagree disagree no opinion agree strongly agree

3. What do you think about teaching facilities?

verygood good bad

4. Do you think that SIM should open more foodcourt ?

Strongly disagree disagree no opinion agree strongly agree

5. I like the external facilities of SIM. Example, ATM, photo machine,bookshop)

Strongly disagree disagree no opinion agree strongly agree
Section B (about SIM support and services)

6. Do you Are you agree that the campus staff’s are caring and helpful?

Strongly disagree disagree no opinion agree strongly agree

7. Do you agree that your advisor will be ready to help you anytime?

Strongly disagree disagree no opinion agree strongly agree

What do you think about course fees?
Expensive normal cheap

8. Are you often go to Student help desk?yes or no

8. Have you ever been queing for so long when you go to student help desk?


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...Proses Training di BCA Wendy Wijaya 14130110086 Andy wong 14130110078 Triana 14130110164 Kevin Ewing 14130110156 Richard Christofer 14130110085 Kevin Jonathan 14130110089 Profil Perusahaan Pendiri : Sudono Salim Tanggal : 21 Februari 1957 Visi & Misi : Visi : Bank pilihan utama andalan masyarakat, yang berperan sebagai pilar penting perekonomian Indonesia Misi : 1. Membangun institusi yang unggul di bidang penyelesaian pembayaran dan solusi keuangan bagi nasabah bisnis dan perseorangan 2. Memahami beragam kebutuhan nasabah dan memberikan layanan finansial yang tepat demi tercapainya kepuasan optimal bagi nasabah 3. Meningkatkan nilai francais dan nilai stakeholder BCA Tata Nilai : 1. Fokuspada nasabah (customer fokus) 2. Integritas (integrity) 3. Kerjasama tim(teamwork) 4. Berusahamencapai yang terbaik (continous pursuit of excellence) Struktur Organisasi : Program Training IT di BCA Nama : IT Trainee Gambaran : Dalam program ini, para peserta akan mengikuti training penuh waktu selama 6 bulan yang terdiri dari teori, praktek dan juga magang di Divisi IT di BCA. Peserta yang lulus seluruh rangkaian training diatas akan ditempatkan sebagai karyawan tetap di Divisi IT, BCA. Masa Training : 30 Bulan / 2 ½ Tahun Persyaratan : 1. Pendidikan minimal S1 dari jurusan Komputer / Teknik Informatika / Sistem Informasi 2. Indeks Prestasi Kumulatif (IPK) minimal 3.00 (Strata 1) dan 3.25 (Strata 2) dari skala 4...

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