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Summer Reading Book Project-Book Report
The book The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver, is about a young girl from rural Kentucky, who decides to leave Kentucky for good and go on a journey, but soon finds herself the mother of a baby girl. This young girl is Marietta Greer, but on her journey, changed her name to Taylor Greer because of a promise she made to herself to change her name to wherever the gas tank ran out. As Taylor was heading west, her car broke down in the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma and outside of an old bar, a woman claiming to be the sister of the baby’s mother, left the baby in Taylor’s care with the only information being that she was born in a Plymouth car. Taylor names the baby Turtle and brings her along on her journey and Turtle was discovered to have been abused and sexually molested. Eventually they make it to Tucson, Arizona, where Taylor meets Mattie, a kind woman who is the owner of an auto-repair shop is Jesus is Lord Used Tires. Taylor meets and becomes great friends with Lou Ann Ruiz, another Kentuckian living in Tucson who was abandoned by her husband and has a baby boy. They meet Estevan and Esperanza, a married couple who fled from Guatemala in order to save the lives of the 17 union members but had to leave their child, who looked like Turtle, behind. Mattie, who has been helping illegal immigrants by providing them shelter, becomes worried about Estevan and Esperanza’s safety, so Taylor decides to transport them to another sanctuary for illegal immigrants in Oklahoma where she’ll also look for Turtle’s relatives and try to legally adopt Turtle. She didn’t find anyone, so in Oklahoma, Estevan and Esperanza pretended to be Turtle’s biological parents and they signed the papers for a legal adoption making Taylor a legal guardian of Turtle. After transporting the couple to a sanctuary, they say goodbye and Taylor, along with her now…...

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