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Give Life to Others: Become a Cross-Cultural Missionary
General Purpose – To persuade

Specific Purpose – To try and persuade my audience the rewards of becoming a Cross-Cultural Missionary.

Central Idea – Three reasons to become a Cross-Cultural Missionary are the love of God, the love of People, and self-sacrifice.

1. How many of you, if you knew of someone who gave you a new life would want to tell everyone about it?
2. It is not fair to keep going to people who have heard of Jesus many times, and not go to those who have never heard of Him once.

1. I am a Cross-Cultural Missionary who has seen Jesus transform the lives of many people, even those of a different religion.
A. Jesus has appeared to Muslims I know of in dreams.
B. They have never heard of Jesus.
C. They converted to Christianity

2. Being a cross-cultural missionary is hard work, takes courage, and determination.
A. People may reject you
B. You may not have all the money you need.
C. You may be exposed to danger.

3. Being a missionary gives you a sense of accomplishment, and pride
A. You give help to those who are hurting, and in pain, emotionally and physically
B. Many of those in third world countries see you as their hero, and life line.
C. The bible gives life to those who are down and out, who gave up on life, and to those who are searching for something, it gives them purpose.

1. Being a missionary is a noble, and respected profession.
2. If you love others, and want to show that love to others, just step out in faith and go.
3. It involved a lot of self-sacrifice, patience, and hard work.

DEBORAH SAYER, "Biddeford teen on mission to Mexico ; But that's probably only the beginning for Josie Mariello, and her dream of becoming a missionary" 15 May. 2008: E1. ELibrary. Web. 31 Jul. 2013.…...

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