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Each one of us in this world wants happiness. We longed to live a life and co-exist with others in peace and prosperity. As much as possible we keep boggling our mind to be always cognizant with our decisions and actions in order to avert ourselves from sailing in a wrong cruise. However, imperfect and circular life as it seems, time really comes that we’ll be placed in an off and curved beam regardless of how proficient captain we are in our own aboard.
But what really constitutes life to be happy? How long or short would it take for a man to feel the most infinitely power of contentment?
Some people believe that wealth in the form of money, precious stones or jewelries and other materialistic desires would guarantee happiness. They devote and spend most of their energy and time in obtaining it. For them, to be rich gives the feeling of infinite pleasure. They believe that the instant possession of lavish and signatured things content them and they could wish no more than having them at hand. But are they really happy? Have beautiful couture, huge houses, expensive cars and mouthwatering delicacies provide them an energy passing through vastly within their system? Factually, wealth does not give happiness. It just gives man the basic services and materialist comfort of life. What money could only give is a momentary and infinite smile of joy but not a spiritual and emotional satisfaction.
For some, power and authority outsource happiness. Most of the time, man engaged to political affairs to seek happiness. While it is good to obtain power in the wheel of government since it’s the constitutional right of anyone to take advantage to, but one must not use such privilege to overpower others. Political influence could shed light and see delight within the hearts of all if there’s a firm underlying attachment of sound and harmonious relationship between the two…...

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...Smile Foundation Presented by: Group 10  Prachi Jain (9220)  Shivani Karkal (9225)  Divya Naik (9232)  Monika Panchal (9235)  Urvara Patil (9237)  Ranjana Pawar (9240) 2 Presentation Layout       3 Shivani Karkal- About the NGO and its programmes. Monika Panchal- Programmes, Vision and Mission, Communication Objectives, Our Perspective. Ranjana Pawar- Use of Press and Media. Prachi Jain- Connecting with Audience. Divya Naik- Strategies Used Urvara Patil- Results and Evaluation. About the NGO   Formed in the year 2002 by a group of corporate professionals who decided to finance and support genuine grassroots initiatives targeted at providing education and health to underprivileged children. In the process, it became the first ever grantmaker and changed the face of thousands of lives. 4 Programmes 5   Mission Education: Mission Education is a national level programme from Smile Foundation which focuses on basic education for underprivileged children and youth. Smile Twin E-Learning: Its an effort towards creating a pool of employable youth from the underprivileged section through skill enhancement in tandem with market requirements. 6   Smile on Wheels: Operates by taking wellequipped medical van along with specialized doctors, nurses, medical staff, equipments and medicines to the identified villages / slums in a systematic manner. Swabhiman: It is designed to enable women to realize their......

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