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Many Asian megacities have been rapidly growing over the past few decades. They are desperate to catch up to the rest of the world and want to possess the technology that the western civilizations have. There are many cities in Asia that we could discuss, but we are only going to look at Beijing and how population dynamics are making this city grow even more.

Beijing is one of the most population dense cities in Asia. It possesses the highest population growth rate percentage in China. In 1998 the population was just over 12 million. Today, there is over 19 million people in Beijing. The city did not plan on hit 18 million citizens until 2020, but the unexpected amount of growth and number of migrants made them hit that number ten years early.

Most of these people are lower class workers who work in the factories or in construction.Beijing has picked up many fortune 500 companies’ factories. These big companies caught on that it would be cheaper to build a product in third world countries since the labor is cheap.One out of every three Beijing residents is a migrant from outside of Beijing. This number was half of that ten years ago. Citizens from all over China have come to Beijing seeking work mainly in factories.

Out of the 19 million citizens in Beijing, about 17 million live within the urban city and only about 2 million live in the rural areas of Beijing. Beijing is a very congested city and has had many problems with air pollution from all the the coal powered factories. Many people each year die from causes that trace back to the air pollution. Beijing started their cleanup of the air back before the 2008 olympics which were held there. They plan to have the air pollution cut back by 30% by 2020. They plan to relocate many factories, plant forests and enforce emissions on automobiles.

Economic Markets are not as important as population…...

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