Being Gay in Different Cultures

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Gregory Howard

Different Cultures Views on Being Gay

When I was younger I was always taught that being homosexual was wrong. Everyone around me told me that they were horrible people that were going to go to hell for their sins. I believed what I was told and for a time I had hate in my heart. I judged these people without even getting to know them. I didn’t give them a chance.
As years passed, I grew up and formed opinions of my own about homosexuals. I came to realize that the hate I was taught all those years was wrong. I felt ashamed of treating people badly for something I now know isn’t even their choice. I am now accepting of homosexuals and their way of life. I don’t cast judgment upon them and I believe they should be treated the same as any other person.
With my eyes open I now wondered what it was like for people who are gay in different cultures. I know how homosexuals are treated in America. For the most part we as a culture accept them. There will always be ignorant people no matter where you go. But for the mostly America as whole is becoming more and more accepting. In some states gay marriage is even legal. I can only imagine, looking at how far our acceptance has come, one day people will think it’s crazy that gay marriage was once ever illegal anywhere in our country. But what is it like for people who are gay that live in different parts of the world? Is it the same for them as it is in America? I assume unfortunately there is hate anywhere you go. But maybe there are cultures that are more accepting then others. Africa is one of the least accepting of homosexuality. As sad as it may be, it could be said that for the most part they are pretty much anti-gay. In over 35 different countries just in Africa alone being gay is actually considered a crime (Maeda, Jamison). In all of these countries the leaders feel that being a homosexual…...

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